Rev. Jim's Roadhouse

In a word: Better than expected, but still not much.

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6402 Millpond Rd., 53718
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Latest Rev. Jim's Roadhouse news and reviews

JM ate the burger and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the Monte Cristo.
The bill was $18, or $9/person, plus tip.
JM gave Rev. Jim's Roadhouse a B; Nichole gave Rev. Jim's Roadhouse a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Rev. Jim's Roadhouse is along the trail that leads to Madison Casino, which is either off the beaten path or a main thoroughfare depending on how appealing casino-style gambling is to you.  It is a converted fast food joint, which explains the disused drive thru and generally strange entrance points.  This is a bar with a nice menu and friendly staff that plays its country music a little too loudly.


Their menu was surprisingly broad, but none of what we ordered was in the top tier.  JM's 1/4 lb burger was the closest, which had some nice lightly grilled onions along lettuce, tomato and very nicely prepared patty.  This was a solid burger that would not make anyone so sad they couldn't eat it.  Nichole's Monte Cristo, well, it wasn't really a Monte Cristo and it shouldn't have gotten her hopes up. This was some sort of grilled ham and turkey affair with two kinds of cheese served betwixt buttered Texas toast. It was fine, but not a Monte Christo of the form that Nichole wants (French toast at a minimum).  Our two sides of fries were both a little underdone.

Monte Cristo [sic]

The ambience is "Sconnie-bar-in-former-fast-food-restaurant," and as always when we go to a place like this the smoking ban still tops our gratitude list. We're certain that Rev. Jim's does a decent trade in Casino and outer McFarland traffic. And you could do worse, but we'll likely dine elsewhere.

Red Zone

In a word: Should they go for it on fourth down?

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1212 Regent St., 53715
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Latest Red Zone news and reviews

JM ate the nachos.
Nichole ate the wedge salad and the French dip.
The bill was $33, or $16ish/person, plus tip.
JM gave Red Zone a B; Nichole gave Red Zone a B+ (see our grading rubric).

The Red Zone is on Regent Street's Sports Bar row betwixt the Kohl and Randall sports ball palaces, they push heavy on game day accoutrements, and we had the privilege of watching (and hearing at full volume) the Washington football team beat the tar out of the Packers. (Fortunately, we know how the season ended from our vantage today.) The Red Zone itself is a loud and chatty sports bar (and the restroom was kinda crummy - it is still a campus sports bar after all) with some flashes of brilliance, too.

Wedge saladFrench dip

For example, the wedge salad was good, especially the bacon and bleu cheese. The French dip sandwich was just ok. It had a soy sauce level of saltiness in its jus and a soft bread. On the plus side, it was appropriately modest in size.

The same could not be said for JM's nachos.  I mean look at this...


JM just likes to order nachos as a meal (OK?) and this was three or four meals. Which was fine, because these nachos tended toward the dry to start with.  The black beans and chorizo were not particularly slathered or moist and the salsa, guac and sour cream came on the side, so it reheated pretty well. If you bring friends and stay for the whole game, you can maybe CPC on this tray of nachos.

The Red Zone is probably within 20 yards of the ideal sports bar, but would likely only put up 3 points on this drive.  (OK. OK. We're sure you get it.)


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