Bike the Barns 2014

Bike the Barns, the annual fundraising ride for FairShare CSA Coalition, happened yesterday. It was fantastic! We highly recommend it to anyone who rides bikes, likes fun, or eats food.

The farm tours were interesting, restful & hospitable. Here are some onions in Luna Circle's hoop house.

Onions in hoop house

Lunch and snacks were amazing. Here, brat burger and sides from Food Fight; at other stops, scones from 4&20, Sassy Cow milk, cookies from Graze, Madison Sourdough Co. granola bars, apples, and at the end kabobs or La Fortuna pizza.


At the end, music, massages and cool green grass to lie in.

Sky after Bike the Barns

Thank you pledgers, congratulations FairShare on another great year (holy cow, John and friends! Awesome job!), and ride on.

Hot Stuff Pizza

Hot Stuff PizzaIn a word: Not so hot.

The specs: #00912   
3401 University Ave., 53705
Details at Hot Stuff Pizza on Urbanspoon

Latest Hot Stuff Pizza news and reviews at

JM ate the pizza.
Nichole ate the burger.
We picked up some c-store junk food on the side.
The bill was $10, or $5/person, plus tip.
JM gave Hot Stuff Pizza a D+; Nichole gave Hot Stuff Pizza a D (see our grading rubric).

We won't criticize this place too much. We don't recommend eating dinner at a convience store: we didn't at ChinMi, we didn't at Casey's, we didn't at... (okay, Athens Gyros... one time we did).  Don't care how great the preparations are at Kwik Trip, the raw materials are questionable - the preservatives alone would stun a mule deer. The ingredients list on the pizza box had triple-nested brackets, never a good look.

Gas station dinner

Even fast food beats this stuff and takes literally no longer to order and receive.  Stick to the packaged food, magazines and lottery tickets.

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