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A couple things we wrote recently ran elsewhere. Recollection Wisconsin, the digital library portal, hosted an online exhibit on the history of McDonald's in our state. And today Isthmus ran Catching up with the Eating in Madison A to Z bloggers, in which we spill the beans about a book we wrote.

So welcome and/or welcome back, and thanks for reading!

Madison's with capitol

La Rosita Latina

In a word: No aberrations in these abarrotes.

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6005 Monona Drive, Monona 53716
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JM ate the steak burrito with a Jarritos.
Nichole ate the tacos (lengua, al pastor, and beef).
The bill was about $16, or $8/person.
JM gave La Rosita Latina a B+; Nichole gave La Rosita Latina an A- (see our grading rubric).

La Rosita Latina is where Super Tienda Latina was on Monona Dr.  They serve hot food most of the time, in addition to offering a wide range of Mexican groceries. Such places often have some of the best food around, and La Rosita is head and shoulders above several others in the area.

Nichole's lengua taco, for example, was probably the best she's had in Madison - very soft, not too greasy, no membrane. It came with fresh and pliable tortillas and fresh garnishes. The other meats were also very tasty, though closer to the average. JM's steak burrito, too, was well-ensconced in its tortilla wrapper, with ample rice pulling in the steak juice and redistributing it across each bite. 

There were a variety of sauces on the tables - creamy orange, hot green, chunky red - also very fresh. We finished up with some grocery shopping and returned to our home sated.  Mexican grocery store tacos are a treat - and these were that.

Tacos and burrito

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