Altered States intructions

Altered States
by Don Vance & Sue Bernstein

All answers are 2-letter U. S. state abbreviations. In some cases, more than one state is called for in the answer.

The contest will run until midnight, December 20th. All winners will receive a beautiful, signed, framable certificate. If there is no winner, the contestant(s) with the most correct answers will receive the certificate.

Please submit your answers by email to dlxv -at- or to subee -at- with Altered States in the subject line. Please limit your entries to no more than three per week.

Have fun.
Don and Sue

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Question 1

Traveling west to east through the Panama Canal, the abbreviation of the closest Continental US state navigable from the body of water first encountered when exiting the canal.

Answer: CA If you examine a close-up map of the Panama Canal, you can see that travelling through it in an easterly direction, you actually enter from the Caribbean Sea side and exit into the Pacific Ocean. The closest navigable state is California.

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Question 2

Abbreviation of the state where the note in FIGURE A was first issued to the general public.

Answer: IL
If you note the “G” at the beginning of the serial number, you will find that this note was issued from the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, Illinois.

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Question 3

State abbreviation arrived at by the following instructions:

  1. Find the two English language adjectives that contain all the vowels (a,e,i,o,u) once each in successive order (though they may be separated by consonants).
  2. Using the sequence (A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.) put the words into separate numerical strings.
  3. Add the strings together.
  4. From the result, add the two lowest prime factors together.
  5. Translate back to alphabetical.

Answer: DE
The two words we were looking for are facetious and abstemious. Facetious = 6-1-3-5-20-9-15-21-19. Abstemious = 1-2-19-20-5-13-9-15-21-19. Added together = 1225340348304238; the lowest two primes are 2, 43. Added together = 45, 4=D, 5=E, so Delaware.

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Question 4

State abbreviation that is the Periodic Table symbol for a metal that is meltable at room temperature.

Answer: GA
There are several elements that are liquid at room temperature, but only one is also a state abbreviation, Gallium (Georgia).

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Question 5

State abbreviations that appear as consecutive letters in the line preceding the line that became the title of an Oscar-winning movie, from a children’s ditty sometimes referred to as William Trimmytoes.

Answer: FL & NE
The variation of the children’s ditty, William Trimmytoes that I learned as a child went like this: William Trimmytoes, he’s a good man. Catches hens, puts ‘em in pens Liar, briar, limberlock Three geese in a flock One flew east One flew west One flew over the cuckoo’s nest Go home, you dirty dishrag, you jack From ONE FLEW WEST, we extract Nebraska and Florida.

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Question 6

Moving one space at a time in any direction in FIGURE B (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) without standing on a letter or returning to it, delete the hidden quotation from a book by a noted author, humorist, mathematician and logician. The remaining letters form the abbreviation of a state.

Answer: ID
From Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky, the line is, “O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” Left over is ID, Idaho.

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Question 7

State abbreviation suggested by referring to a map of a different state and eliminating the county with the same name as the surname of a Billy DeBeck creation and eliminating all counties south, east and southeast of that county. (Must have at least 10 miles of common border.) Eliminate the county with the same name as the first recipient of “The Order of Canada” (as a group, rather than an individual) and all counties west, east, south, southeast and southwest of that county. Eliminate all counties that have any of  the letters in the middle name of a man nicknamed "Old Brains" as their third letter, except any counties that begin with a 'shh' sound.

Answer: HI
After deducing that the starting state is Kansas and eliminating all of the counties, per the instructions, you should be left with these 10 counties; Cheyenne, Sherman, Wallace, Thomas, Decatur, Sheridan, Gove, Phillips, Rooks, Ellis. Snuffy Smith is the Billy DeBeck creation. “Old Brains” was the nickname for Civil War general Henry Wager Halleck. Shade all these counties in and you get a big H and a big I for Hawaii.

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Question 8

Abbreviation for the home state of the team represented by the player in FIGURE C.

Answer: NJ
Close examination of the player’s helmet reveals that his school begins with either a ‘B’ or an ‘R’. Team colors should eventually narrow it down to Rutgers in New Jersey.

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Question 9

State abbreviation that is also the initials of an unwelcome Spartan visitor.

Answer: VT
The setting for the Academy Award winning movie, “In the Heat of the Night” (Sidney Poitier, Rod Steiger) was Sparta, Mississippi. There was a sequel called, “They Call Me Mr. Tibbs”. Both movies featured a lead character named Virgil Tibbs (Vermont).

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