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We're ships passing in the night on the Chicago tune--I loved it (are you a voter for the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame perhaps?). The Partridge Family song is their best (and a guilty pleasure of mine). I liked the Guess Who, but this was one of their weaker efforts. You're correct that Black Magic Woman and I'll Be There (along with Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is) are the classics here.

grannie elbow

Once again I agree with Ken.
It's spooky.
I like almost all of the Partridge family as painful as it is to confess. I just wish Danny Bonaduce had disappeared when the band "broke up," so to speak.

Cliff Arroyo

"The 5th Dimension getting their Bacharach on? DOUBLE PASS"

Okay, we're gonna go ten rounds if you start dissin' my boys Bacharach and David. They were the Cole Porter and/or Gershwins of the 60s with amazingly effective songs that could be enjoyed at different levels by teens and adults.

We're also gonna have words for any disrespect shown Marilyn McCoo, a completely underestimated pop stylist. Her phrasing was phenomenal.

Cliff Arroyo

Oh and I also love the Chicago song.

Cliff Arroyo

At the risk of overposting, I'll give my 4 grade ranking system

love - self explanatory +1pt
hate - ditto -1pt
meh - can't work myself up to love or hate 0

1. love
2. love
3. meh
4. love
5. love
6. hate
7. meh
8. meh
9. love
10. hate

rating = 3


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