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Back to surprises. Roger Miller's quirky little tunes were fun, and I recall this one getting decent play. 3418 was very big (and sort of catchy). 3416 is a great tune by these songwriters (I remember them performing it on Bewitched! of all places) that got good airplay. I loved the rock Kenny Rogers and would have expected 3415 higher. 3414 was well behind its time, but got heavy play, so a bit of a surprise. And 3413 was pretty big. Finally, I love the Raiders, and 3412 was one of their biggers.

Cliff Arroyo

3420. boring

3419. dated but fun

3418. got a lot of play, maybe TIWBH

3417. ditto

3416. Great song but ddn't expect it any higher

3415. I _really_ liked this when it came out (though I think Walter Brennan's version is better now) not sure If ITIWBH

3414. ...for me to listen to this

3413. Okay but I prefer Marianne Faithful's version by some margin

3412. DR but makes nice radio fodder

3411. ditto

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