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Site navigation
This site uses TypePad, a hosted weblog service. (Read more about weblogs). This tends to give the site some navigational quirks.

The front page (http://jumbledpileofperson.typepad.com/games/) of this site features the newest contest and discussion of GAMES magazine. Older contests can be accessed through the links in the right sidebar under the heading "Categories."

Also in the right sidebar, you'll see a list of the most recently made comments, some other puzzle links, a shameless plug for one of the hosts' favorite charities, and an "Email me" button, with which you can contact the site hosts.

This site may not display properly in some browser/OS combinations (notably Netscape 4-ish browsers). Sorry - there's not much we can do.

Making a comment
Scroll to the entry on which you'd like to comment, then click "Comments." You'll be taken to another page which will show the individual entry and all the comments on it. At the bottom of the page is a form which you can use to submit your comments. Your name and email are required, while a URL is optional. You can preview your comment before posting it, but clicking "Post" will submit your comment and add it to the end of the list.

The number in parentheses after the "Comments" link is the number of individual comments that have been made on that post.

Getting back to the main page
From any page on the site, you can click on the banner on the top of the screen to get back to the main page.

What's a permalink?
A "permalink" gives each entry in the site its own unique URL. We've inherited this weblog convention from TypePad. Each time an author updates their "blog," the newest entry is put at the top of the page and older entries are archived. This way if someone wants to refer to a particular post in the future, they can give the exact link - not a link to the main page, which probably will have changed in the interim. Thus, if you click on "Permalink" for an entry, the URL in your browser's Address field is the permanent URL for that entry and its comments, which is useful to have when referring others to a specific spot on the site.

Please let us know if there are any other navigation or help questions we can answer.

Your hosts,
Nichole and JM