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Submission guidelines

The Unofficial Calculatrivia Discussion Place (UCDP) will gladly host trivia contests submitted by readers!

Please read the brief "About" page for some background about this web site. This site is in no way a for-profit or commercial site. Rather, it's a discussion forum for trivia contest fans. It's moderated by two amateur "hosts," Nichole and JM. It is our mission to facilitate discussion about trivia contests, provide quality contests and provide contest creators with an additional venue for publication.

To that end, we are willing to post trivia contests on this site free of charge. If you (yes, you!) have an original trivia contest that you'd like to see posted on this site, here's what you can expect from the UCDP hosts and what you (the "author") are expected to provide.

All correspondence will be handled via email. The hosts' email address is jumbledpile@yahoo.com, and we try to check it every business day.

The hosts and the author will agree on a start and end date for each contest. The hosts seek to post six contests per year on a two-month cycle.

The author will provide a copy of the contest in either MS Word or PDF format. The author is responsible for:

  • writing and verifying all contest questions;

  • providing any and all copyright permissions for contest content (such as images used);

  • setting contest rules.

The author may also write an introductory message.

The hosts will post the contest on a test site for the author to review. At that point, the author may submit changes and edits, which the hosts will make. The author may submit one more round of changes before the contest "goes live" on UCDP.

The author retains all intellectual property rights for submissions made to UCDP.

Winners and Prizes
The author is responsible for judging all entries and determining contest winner(s). Prizes are completely optional and are the sole responsibility of the author. Cash may not be offered as a prize (but books are popular).

Feel free to contact Nichole and JM at jumbledpile@yahoo.com.