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Part X: Scramble 4 -- Quick Scramble Using Word List

You now have two lists: 8 String segments (referred to as Strings), from Part VII, and the 25 Words just completed, both alphabetized except for one "misfit" Word.  If both lists are correct, the next steps can only be done one way.

First, locate two Spaces, intervals between Words, in the Word list.  Space 1 is where the out-of-order Word is located, between the Words that precede and follow it.  Space 2 is where the out-of-order Word would fit, between two Words, if you wished to move it into alphabetical order in the list.

Still thinking alphabetically, in the String list, identify the two consecutive ones that would fit into Space 1 (ignoring the out-of-order Word there), and a third String that would fit into Space 2.

Move that third String between the first two, then change its first letter so that it is once again in alphabetical order.  Notice that this movement is entirely within the String list, with no movement of Strings to the Word list.



I hope we ditched those rogue italics.

Space 1 is between [07] FANDANGO and [09] MOISTURE
Space 2 is between [22] TONE and [23] WHAT

The two strings that would fit between FANDANGO and MOISTURE are those beginning HUN... and IRF... The string that would fit between TONE and WHAT is the last one, beginning TONF...

The instruction dictates that it should be moved between HUN... and IRF..., and to properly alphabetize it, the first letter T is changed to I. The strings now look like this:


Posted by: Bob Lodge | Mar 11, 2007 4:46:33 AM

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