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ROUND TWO: North & South Regions

The answer to Game A's higher seed is 65.

Game A:
H: Maine
L: South Dakota

Game B:
H: Nebraska
L: Connecticut

Game C:
H: North Dakota
L: Arizona

Game D:
H: Hawaii
L: South Carolina

Look!  Up in the sky!  The Game A's higher seed scores 49.

Game A:

Game B:

Game C:

Game D:



The answer to Game A's higher seed is 65!

I apologize!

Posted by: JmSR | Mar 24, 2008 10:53:41 AM

There goes my logic, haha. Back to the drawing board, 'tis (I actually thought my former logic on NORTH was pretty weak anyway).

Posted by: Mike | Mar 24, 2008 2:32:43 PM

Regarding the revision: Is 65 the score for Game A Higher seed for North or South or Both?

Posted by: susy | Mar 27, 2008 7:47:35 PM

North only. The post is now correct.

Posted by: JmSR | Mar 27, 2008 10:46:24 PM

I offered to anyone in my class a prize if they could tell me any connection with Maine and the number 65. But someone decided to ask me if I knew the answer. When I slowly shook my head, they couldn't stop laughing. Now THAT'S desperation.

Posted by: Scott | Apr 1, 2008 3:42:39 PM

I think you're okay Scott. I never would have identified the musical group Puffy Ami Yumi (second helping of pi) without my 15 year old students!

Posted by: Paula | Apr 1, 2008 4:03:35 PM

I found one connection between Maine and 65, but following the pattern would have created a tie in one of the games, so that can't be it.

Posted by: Alan Lemm | Apr 1, 2008 5:58:11 PM

Alan, we must've found the same connection then, interesting. I thought I was the only one with that kind of logic, which I thought was a bit out in left field.

I must be a masochist to do this every year, hahaha (but it seriously is a lot of fun). I just need to sleep on this one--and plenty of other clues, too.

Posted by: Mike | Apr 1, 2008 6:09:49 PM

Um...ok, so there was a hint that the states list has to do with code #44. Well, that's nice, but I'm still Bangor-ing my head.

Posted by: ross | Apr 3, 2008 9:59:08 AM

The product of the alphanumeric values of their state abbreviations.

Game A:
1 Giants UNY: 65
8 Ground St.: 76 W

Game B:
5 Synogogue: 70 W
13 Gander: 60

Game C:
3 The Cordon Bleu: 56 W
6 Ricell: 26

Game D:
2 I Owe U.: 72 W
10 Duke of Earl Univ.: 57

Jay Winter, Author

All entries are anagrams of minor planet names, with the corresponding minor planet number as the score.

Game A:
9 Miss. Use of Funds Coll.: 49
16 Saint Liar's: 76 W

Game B:
4 Boddy: 58
12 E. Orthodox: 69 W

Game C:
6 Gloria: 62 W
14 N. Aggression: 59

Game D:
2 U Cann: 38
7 Cal St. Fullofit: 43 W

Alan Lemm, Author

Posted by: JmSR | May 1, 2008 9:58:28 AM

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