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Welcome Message

Hello puzzle enthusiasts,
Welcome to the Unofficial Calculatrivia Discussion Place. This little site has become a home for number-based trivia contests on the web. Thanks for stopping by.

The Unofficial Calculatrivia Discussion Place is currently suffering from for March Madness IV by the UCDP.

Looking for a past contest?   They are available through links in the sidebar. Under "Categories," click the corresponding contest title to view the posts and discussion.

Clicking on GAMES magazine will lead you to the new home of discussions of GAMES magazine issues. The GAMES 2008 discussion is also listed below. Please do not discuss ANY contest information for a currently active contest outside of what is printed in the magazine.

GAMES magazine now has an official home on the web: http://www.gamesmagazine-online.com/.

Happy puzzling!
Your hosts,
Nichole and JM