Message from the creator of the All-World Trivia Challenge

This contest will run from May 1 until midnight, Pacific Daylight Time,
on June 10, when all the entires are due.

If you feel that a clue is ambiguously worded, or that you have found
an inaccurate reference, don't hesitate to share it in the comments
section, as I will be willing to clarify almost anything as long as it
doesn't give away an answer.

The prizes for the puzzle are old back issues of Games magazine. The
covers are a bit worn in some places, but intact; and there is no writing
in any of them.

First place: Six vintage issues of Games magazine (July 1986, which has
Calculatrivia IV; December/January 1990; May 1986; Septmeber 1983;
April 1984; and November 1982), PLUS the Games Magazine Big Book Of Games

Second place: Six vintage issues of Games magazine (February 1985;
March/April 1982; January 1984; February 1983; August 1985; June 1983)

Third place: Three vintage issues of Games magazine (January 1984;
April 1994; January 1985)

I'd like to thank Bob Lodge for the inspiration to create this; Don and
Sue for their Prime Time Trivia Challenge; Nichole and JM for hosting
it; and my brother Daniel for help with fact-checking and input on the
wordings of the clues. Good luck to all entrants!

Andrew Levine

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The All-World Trivia Challenge

by Andrew Levine, with assistance from Daniel Levine

To begin the Challenge, find the values of the 24 variables listed below as the letters A through Z. Each answer is in the form of a whole decimal number. Some of the clues refer to other variables, which usually will have to be solved first. Some Greek characters are also used throughout the clues, but these do NOT figure into the final instructions, the last post below. You can also download the contest PDF (338 KB) here.

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Title of the 1970s music album whose cover is shown below (Fig. 1)

All-World Trivia Challenge: Fig. 1: Album cover
Figure 1

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Zip code (the one that’s a multiple of T) of a U.S. town whose name is formed by changing one letter in the name of the province which is located at the antipode of the city that is officially a sister city to both Pittsburgh, PA and Manchester, UK

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The Mersenne prime that had been most recently discovered, in the year that was (α * β) years after the event depicted in this fresco (Fig. 2), if α is the number after the “J” in the designation of the polyhedron whose name anagrams to PRONOUNCE THOSE MANAGED, and β is the day of the month for the launchdate of the third-most-recently-launched NASA spacecraft to travel within 500,000 miles of the moon mentioned in clue J

All-World Trivia Challenge: Fig. 2: Fresco
Figure 2

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Designation of the I Ching hexagram represented in the diagram below (Fig. 3) in top-to-bottom order as letters of six different alphabets, if the letters whose pronunciation is closest to “h” represent yin and the ones whose sound is closest to “m” represent yang. The names of the alphabets, in vertical order, are the answer to this substitution cipher, with the same cryptogram key for each word: NUMBERS SMDTASADA BREBFRSASH NDYZUJU IPUYFTUU EYZUMSEM

All-World Trivia Challenge: Fig. 3: I Ching hexagram
Figure 3

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As enumerated in the book’s introduction, the number of electric lights in the dwelling of the title character of the famous novel which takes its name from another well-known book. The surname of the earlier book’s title character, if you were to add to it the two letters by which the theme song name and country name described in clue M differ, would be an anagram of FIRING FOE.

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Number of home runs hit in the major leagues by the eighth baseball player mentioned in the song whose title is the name of the player shown below (Fig. 4). (Hint: This card is from a set released in 1940)

All-World Trivia Challenge: Fig. 4: Baseball card
Figure 4

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Number in the title of a certain oil painting by a famous artist, painted during the year of his or her 50th birthday. The artist’s surname is the name of the pet of the fictional character whose name is the word that appears just prior to the last semicolon in Chapter (Z * Φ) of Dickens’ Great Expectations, if Φ is the number of goals scored by the losing team in the World Cup quarterfinal match mentioned in clue Z

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Lowest ZIP code used in the county seat of the county that you would be in if you traveled (A*K) meters due east of the location referenced in the title of the 11th track on the album in clue A

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