This puzzle is similar to a Double Cross. Write the solutions to each of the 32 clues below in the spaces to the right of the clue, and insert the letters of each clue into the 273-character grid located beneath the clues. When completed, the grid will form a sentence inviting a response – which is the answer to this puzzle. The first letter of each solution, when read in order, will form a phrase offering a hint to the correct response.

The string of numbers that relates the letters within each clue solution to their respective places in the Grid is referred to as a “grid relation string” or “GRS”. For 3 of the 32 clues, the GRS is included beneath the spaces where the solution is written, as in a typical Double Crostic. However, for the other 29 clues, solvers should reference the “Grid Relation String” page near the bottom of the puzzle. There, the other GRSs are categorized by word length, with instructions on how to relate each solution to its corresponding GRS.

To avoid ambiguity, several terms from the 32 clues are expanded upon on the “Definitions” page.

Greek, Russian, and Hebrew letters used within a clue to define a number pertain only to that clue and have no relation or reference to the same symbol used within another clue. Clues themselves, indicated by capital English letters, are cross referenced throughout the puzzle, and are indicated by leading and trailing asterisks (i.e., “the President from *HH*”). The suffixes to the Greek, Russian, and Hebrew letters (-rd, -th, -st) do NOT imply that the correct number matches the suffix. For example, a clue asking for the “Σth President” may lead to the solution that Σ = 2, even though the second President would be referred to as “2nd” and not “2th”.

PRIZES: The prize pool is a collection of 60 issues of GAMES and GAMES WORLD OF PUZZLES from 2000 to 2005. These issues include 4 different Bob Lodge contests: First Family Factors (Nov. 2000), Common Factors (Oct. 2001), Cubic Challenge (Aug. 2003), and Ultimate Calculatrivia (Dec. 2003). The back issues range in condition from untouched to slightly played (usually the contest, double cross, and cryptic crosswords – but many months, nothing at all).

PRESIDENT - first correct response to grid – 15 issues

VICE PRESIDENT – second correct response to grid – 10 issues

NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY – first correct response to Clue *I* - 6 issues

SUPER TUESDAY – first correct response to Clue *Q* – 6 issues

MAJORITY LEADER – third correct response to grid – 5 issues

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – first correct response to Clue *J* – 5 issues

IOWA CAUCUS – First correct response to Clue *DD* - 5 issues

FAVORITE SON – First correct response to Clue *O* - 5 issues

2008 PROSPECT – First correct response to Clue *M* - 3 issues

E-mail your solutions to [email protected] General questions can be posted to the Calculatrivia Board and I will strive to provide guidance on a regular basis. HAVE FUN!

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Civil War President, associated with Reagan. (14 letters, 2 words)

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Creature depicted in wall décor of sunken luxury liner named after a President whose first name is shared by one of the Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year Award winners in the year of birth of the first pick in the NFL Draft in the year of a presidential election in which the popular vote winner’s nickname can be (and was) represented by an element’s Periodic Table symbol whose letter(s) is/are not in the name of the element itself. (7 letters)

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Movie by director whose Ω movie earned a Best Actor nomination for actor who had previously been nominated for Best Actor in the year of the death of the Oscar-winning actor who married the actress who won the Best Actress Oscar in the year of birth of the actress of the youngest “Bond Girl” in the James Bond film whose theme song was recorded by a band whose guitarist had been the original lead singer for the band that released an album whose title translates to “On the Sea” from the national language of the country whose first king was Charles the Bald, where Ω is the year in which *U* lost the presidential election. (7 letters)

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Best remembered for election that occurred Φ years after election in which incumbent President won the same number of Electoral Votes as the uniform number of the baseball player in *B*, where Φ is the ordinal value of the first Vice President to be produced by provisions of the constitutional amendment ratified in the year of birth of the younger of the two Cy Young Award winners from *H*. (12 letters, 3 words - first name, middle initial, last name)

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Won an award (first conferred the year after Roosevelt defeated Stevenson) μ years after the last election in which the two presidential nominees had also previously won elections for the exact same elected office, where μ is referenced in the song list of the album released 4 years before the album from *K* was released by the same band.   (4 letters)

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First name of only Vice President born in the same state as the presidential nominee who was born in the same year as the southern Senator from *O* (6 letters)

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(Fake) rock ‘n’ roll surname derived from anagram of:

[a]   RFK : Λ:: _______ : Θ, where Λ is the year of birth of a major league pitcher and Θ is the year that same pitcher threw a perfect game against the team whose city hosted the Summer Olympics in the year that *U* was first depicted on the cover of TIME Magazine.        

[b]   capital letters commonly associated with geographic location of λrd season of Survivor, where λ is the number of incumbent Presidents who were both nominated for reelection and defeated. (6 letters)

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Had a cameo appearance in *C* and covered a Beatles song for a movie whose title is an anagram of the album, released in the same month that the National League Cy Young Award winners from ω and Γ first faced each other, by a band named after a sensational crime committed roughly two months before *DD* was born, where ω is the year of death of a politician featured on the cover of TIME Magazine issue dated one day before the birth of the National League Cy Young Award winner from the last year that the Golden Slam was achieved, and Γ is the year of the death of the last person to win a U.S. Senate seat by defeating a Senate Majority Leader. 220   011   196   080    258   167   200    052    121   018   209  (2 words)

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Prime number, expressed in hexadecimal notation, that is closest to the product of [a] the area code for box office of the AA minor league affiliate to city whose Major League Baseball team lost the last World Series that ended with a home run; [b] the number of electoral votes won by a President whose middle name is also the name of a college founded by abolitionists in the year that another President, who was elected with the same number of electoral votes, was inaugurated; and [c] number associated with occasionally-banned product of company whose name is an anagram of [i] postal abbreviation for the state that is home to the AAA minor league affiliate of the Major League Baseball team whose city’s NBA team was swept in the first round of the playoffs by the eventual NBA champion the year that Nixon was impeached, and [ii] prime number, expressed in hexadecimal notation, that is closest to the product of [A] the ZIP code of the county seat of the county named after a President from the state identified earlier in this clue; and [B] the atomic number of a chemical made into a song by 1990s band with same name as 1960s British band whose first album told the story of Simon Simopath, raised to the power of the atomic number of the element most commonly associated with sodium tetraborate decahydrate. (6 letters)

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