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Sorry--Blondie shouldn't get two in the top 200!

Lexington Green

I heard this song recently at a loud, dark, hipster bar where I really did not belong. It was such a surprise, and it was almost a shock, it sounded so good, it reminded me of what a classic it really is.

It is neat to see what a klutzy dancer Debbie was. All angularity, no groove, no hips, no wiggle, no smooth, no curve, no nothin'. Funny. Reminds me of what Patti Smith said about how Edie Sedgwick danced.

el polacko

i remember my disco friends hating the song because it was too punk and my punk friends hating it because it was a 'sell-out' to disco. when you are pissing everybody off you know you are doing something right.

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