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Great pick! Brings back memories of collecting Beatles trading cards (I wonder what they'd be worth today) and my father's insistence that "five years from now nobody will remember who these guys were". Hard to overemphasize the impact of that first rush of hits from these guys.

And thanks again for this list. It's been fun and your hard work is appreciated (even if I think you missed a few).

Mark Cunningham

...... I Want to Hold Your Hand was "a little too nice" ? I tend to agree.
....... Where the Fabs wanted to hold your hand, the 'bad boy' Stones said "Let's spend the Night Together".
.......... too bad those nice boys from Liverpool let their hair & beards grow out, they were sooo sweet !
.... obla dee, obla dah ;-)


Just as rap needed Rapper's Delight and Walk This Way as an introduction, rock needed the Beatles.....

grannie elbow

I think this is properly number one. I would have liked to see Elvis get a little higher, but all in all, except for my dislike of rap and hip hop this has been a great ride. Thanks for the great memories.

gooch mango

That week in April 1964 paved the way for Rock n Roll to move from a singles medium to the album oriented industry it became. It was a revelation to both consumers and labels that a band could produce so many hit songs in such a short period of time... and that the folks would buy them. I think the music industry and FM radio would be unrecognizable today if not for that week.

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