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No--it's a great rock song.


It's an absolute travesty that Pink Floyd wasn't on the list anywhere.

But, I suppose, SOMETHING has to make room for the craptastic 2000s...

grannie elbow

The Wall is a rock/pop/song/event that broke new ground, and that has been enough in many cases with some of the newer songs in your list. I think Pop culture/music owes a little something to Pink Floyd.

Cliff Arroyo

No love for Funkytown?

Mike Devereaux

The Wall was an extremely important event for anyone in high school in 1980. "Another Brick In The Wall" was overwhelmingly chosen by our Senior Class as our class song, which of course got nixed by the Administration, and we had to go with the execrable Beatles tune, "The Long And Winding Road" instead. But for all of us, it would always be "Another Brick In The Wall". At college the next year, freshmen would talk about the experience of listening to the wall that last year in high school. Park the car, pop in the cassettes, and listen and drink all night, playing and flipping the cassettes, over and over and over.

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