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Yes! I love this song. It reminds me of a woman I cleaned for. It took me all of 45 minutes to tidy up her tiny apartment and get the laundry going, at which point she'd holler for me to sit down and drink percolator Folgers and we'd watch Martha Stewart's show together. (She was sure Martha hailed from Chippewa Falls.) Every commercial break had a K-Tel-style ad for Perry Como's Greatest Hits and my friend would cheer, "Perry!"

Cliff Arroyo

I'm blah about this, but his version of the Twelve Days of Christmas, modernized to 1950's standards, remains my favorite.

grannie elbow

I never quite got the Perry Como thing. His seemed like music for my parents, and I guess it was judging from the fact that I was 5 in 1956. Same thing with Pat Boone. When I consider what I listened to when my kids were 5 it's surprising that those same songs are all over the top 200 number 1's and I expect they'll be all over this list as well.

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