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Just to be clear, my problem is with the song making the top 100. It's catchy enough, but really, at number 11?????? I would argue that its use of the f word is rather sophomoric. Compare the use here with Los Campesinos' "we kid ourselves there's future in the f**king but there is no f**king future" or Frightened Rabbit's "it takes more than f**king someone you don't know to keep warm" and it seems a little silly- no?.

Cliff Arroyo

The song is indeed catchy and I love the motownesque vibe of a lot of it, but the F-bomb just seems jerky and juvenile.

I actually think the 'clean' version with 'forget you' scans better.

But I'm also just not into its particular mix of passive agressive and dismissive avoidant bluster (enough sidewalk psychoanalysis buzzwords yet?) .

There's nothing like an emotion that a reasonably healthy person would want to own up to here. There's no desire for any kind of intimacy or emotional hurt at being rejected, just inarticulate puerile hostility


I actually really like this song, but I wouldn't put it on the list.

I'd actually wouldn't put any song on the list until it was at least 5-10 years old to temper the 'new and hip' of anything current in pop culture.

If in 5 years it still was good, then it would get a place, probably middle to bottom of the pack.

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