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Little Darlin' is the one I see as listable, though, once again, I'm not sure my affection for it runs deeper than the American Graffiti soundtrack. Still, the "na,na,na,na" following the narration bit sticks with you, so, yeah, I'd list it.

Cliff Arroyo

1957 year not only of my birth but of the teenager as a commercial property?

1. Probably listable, IINM it's one of the earlier (and stronger) paens to specifically teenage emotions and it's naive optimistic sound has much more .... charm than

2. Despite the title, it sounds kind of adult and boozy and sleazy, no thanks

3. Would probably make my list, a doo wop classic with some latin tingue around the edges _and_ manages the rare feat of sounding sophisticated (vocal arrangement) and clumsy (that spoken interlude) at the same time

4. I like it, but wouldn't list it

5. Just a leetle too close to "Pledging My Love" by Johnny Ace, seems that it's not a million miles from a Pat Boone cover...

Pledgine my love: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AT_eOiTwtoQ

6. Very fun, and also musically important (first twangy guitar solo) and playing it well got George Harrison into the Beatles. But overall, probably no list.

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