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Cliff Arroyo

1. Dated, and not so PC now, but really iconic and worth considering
2. Also one of those things everybody knows (I think) but don't know its name, more worthy than some instrumentals you included
3. I really like it, probably wouldn't include it
4. I like it, wouldn't include it
5. Loves me some Brook Benton but this is his weakest
7. Okay but kind of forgettable
8. I like it a lot, wouldn't include it
9. Don't tell me what to do, Bobby Vee

Cliff Arroyo


6. see 3, 4, 8


I didn't list #1, but it deserves serious consideration for listing--a really great soaring tune from a movie that dealt with a not too distant (at the time) historical event. Apache was cool, but I've got too many instrumentals I'm gonna whine that you've missed to complain about this (or #1). The only other possible lister is #6 but I agree with you that other tunes (though generally not the same ones) crowd it out.

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