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I was a fan of #4 and was always a Tina fan, but agree that none of these make the top 100.

Cliff Arroyo

For most of 1985 I refused to buy anything connected with a major label so I'm probably not the best person to ask, but since you (sort of) did...

1. no
2. oh god, no
3. not really
4. no, no, no!
5. I didn't like it at the time but it's better than anything else here (though probably not listable)
6. my favorite (as opposed to best) here, but still no list
7. no way, I think it was written just to get royalties from wedding cover bands
8. nope-a-rooni
9. nnnnnoooooooooo!!!!

Norman LeRoy

Loved Raspberry Beret as a kid, especially the backing vocals. I just thought it was a great pop song and I'm surprised it never topped the charts.

Here's an idea for an obscure list: best 100 b-sides of number one hits. I'd like to nominate Don't Let Me Down by the Beatles (Get Back) and He's My Sunny Boy by Diana Ross and The Supremes (Someday We'll Be Together). Both from '69 there, a very good year for b-sides.

Norman LeRoy

Just remembered- also from '69 is the controlled venom of Johnny Cash's "San Quentin", the ultra-tasty b-side to "A Boy Named Sue".

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