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Sarah (Holley) Klitzke

John Sams-
I can't believe that you loved Peggy Sue Got Married. That makes me laugh. I still adore you! I haven't seen you in how many years? and you still make me laugh! I agree that Godfather is the best though. I heard about your recent sucess with your games! Rock on! Bundy Hall forever!

John Sams

Four things:
1) Well, I'll be darned.
2) How are you? Paul? The kids? Life in general?
3) How on earth did you find my blog? It's not exactly a web hot spot.
4) You're not dissing on Peggy Sue are you? Because that's so not cool.

John Sams

Oh yeah, and how did the game news get to you?

Anne Tolonen (Holley)

Ok...I came to check because Sarah recommended I do it...and I have to say, you are off with Chariots of Fire. It may SEEM to move slow, but it is an awesome feel-good sort of movie. And lots of British men running around...how fun is that?? And I can't believe you cried at Peggy Sue. I mean no offense of course, just that Peggy Sue did get married, so those better be tears of joy!

John Sams

You (used-to-be)Holley girls. Just so you know, I never would have mentioned the "crying" thing if I'd known you'd read this. It's such a blow to my masculinity.

But since it's out there, they were not tears of joy. Specifically, the scene where she cries while talking to her grandmother got to me in a nostalgic way, one that would not have worked for anybody who watched it alot growing up. I think watching it as kids probably ruined it for you.

As for Chariots of Fire, you are just wrong. It's soundtrack is good, but man is it dull. British guys running around really does nothing for me, so thast may be part of it, but even the exciting moments weren't exciting.

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