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Adam Fiedler

Okay, granted, not a stellar film. The violence, on the other hand, was a central point in the plot, as the atrocities serve to show the viewer not only just how corrupt and immoral society was at the time, but also to move the audience to sympathize with a more aggravated righteousness, in that, at the time, some times the only way to fight fire was with napalm (so to speak).
My only real qualm with the movie was Mel's insistence in playing a 20 something man (during his return) while quite obviously he was (a quite haggard) 39 year old. For pete's sake, I've seen prostestics to make people younger. Sink a few bucks into that!
At any rate, take some pepto with your popcorn, and stop whining about violence. There are far worse acts of brutality being perpetrated at this very moment by our own government you could be going on about, but I love ya, so I'll stop there.

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