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Adam Fiedler

Saying that "Titanic" was the best movie is like saying Craft Mac and Cheese is the best pasta. As for it being our generations "Gone With the Wind"? I'll give you that one. The acting was sub par, the story unnecessary convoluted, and the film on a whole is overrated. Just because a "great" film wasn't marketed to the media chewing sheep that year, doesn't give it the right to be called the best.
Here's a list of movies that didn't suck as much as "Titanic"... (in 1997)
Evita, Donnie Brasco, The Butcher Boy, 187, Ronin, and Kiss the Girls.

Remember kids, a chic flick with a fist fight doesn't exactly make a good movie. If i ever want to experience the life of a working man in a tragic situation and forlorn love, back dropped by the idiocy of wealth and tragedy, i'll look in the mirror.
Peace and love and better movies...

John S.

Kraft Mac and Cheese is the best pasta!!!!

Seriously, though, I made sure to mention that Titanic was not the best movie of the year. However, it was definitely Best Picture, and the two are entirely different things.

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