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mp3 me!

Adam Fiedler

wow... i remember, near the end of that run... the final album, slated to be called "ambergris"... i drew this ridiculous cover art... and contributed "Fried chicken" (based, of course, on Queen's "one vision").. you still have that? it was horrible... lol... what times they where... oh, and for the record, i can actually play all those songs now!

John S.

Yeah, the Ambergris change never happened for a variety of reasons, including a little thing called growing up. I remember Fried Chicken, although I'm sure I don't have any lyrics anymore. JM might.

Then again, when we get to the final album, you'll see that it was probably better that we stopped. There's a decent song or two, but there's an awful lot of "I'm sick of this" garbage.

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